Healthy Eating On The Go

Who is going away for their Christmas holiday .. ??

I never liked traveling as it usually meant me living in fear that I would have to find something to eat at that run down takeaway store.

Hot soggy chips covered in salt, dried out salad sandwiches and bags of sweets.. not a great deal of choice and team it up with a Wheat and lactose intolerance it was even more difficult.

Here are some quick, healthy snack ideas that will keep you feeling good until you reach your destination.

Unsalted nuts, dried fruit, seeds

Baked sweet potato chips or baked zucchini chips

Homemade roasted chick peas

Homemade Granola

Trail mix (add dark chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, coconut chips…)

Slice vegetables into sticks with a dip

Fresh fruit

Bliss balls

Homemade muesli or baked bars

Homemade chocolate

Nori ( seaweed squares )

You can keep all these in a cooler bag as they will stay fresh.

Make sure you do stay hydrated with water and freshly squeezed lime or lemon in it

So start saving those containers and research some recipes !

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