Surviving Social Events

What’s more fun than Christmas Day ..??? The parties that lead up to Christmas Day !! The office party, street party, friends party, children’s school or graduation party.. by the time we know it, we have attended several parties and we still haven’t had Christmas Day !!

It can be a little daunting to know how to deal with these events if you have tried to eat healthy all year. You still can go out and have fun if you know how to plan ..

Here are some ideas that you may find helpful ..

1. Always exercise and eat a healthy breakfast everyday. It will set you up in the right direction. Lace up your shoes and go for a walk or a bike ride with the family.

Choose whole grain toast with eggs, avocado and spinach, oats or a smoothie bowl.

2. Don’t skip meals. Don’t think that you can save your calories from lunch to have dinner. Chances are you will be starving and eat more than you had planned to.

3. If you are taking food, take a platter with chopped up fruit and vegetables, hummus, and home made dips. If there is unhealthy food there, at least you will have a plate that you can eat.

4. If it’s a restaurant check the menu before you go. You can see what’s there and know exactly what you will be ordering. If you are having an alcoholic drink, have a soda water in between.

5. Last one is have fun .. Let the people be the reason we are at an event for not the food..

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