My tips for a stress free Christmas… 🎄

With only 27 days until Christmas, this news can either excite you, or scare you..

Here are my tips for a stress free day.

1. Choose one family member when you go out and only shop for that person.

It is easy to go out and keep buying multiple gifts and then arrive home only to find that person has 4 more gifts than the other person.. this can be quite tricky if you have more than 2 children as then you feel you have to stay balanced .. believe me, I have done this. This can lead to stress and extra money woes ..

2. Pop a non perishable item for Christmas lunch or dinner in the trolley each time you go shopping. Extra serviettes and bottles of soda water never go astray. Write a separate Christmas list and tick it off each week. This will ensure no double ups of items you don’t really need.

3. Stick to your normal routine. If you are an early morning exerciser still find the time to exercise. This may mean waking up a little earlier than usual if you have a big day planned. It helps keep you active and focused if you have done a walk or a stretching session before hitting the shops.

4. Keep up with your healthy eating and limit alcohol. This is a big one to keep in mind. I know the focus from everyone these days is to enjoy yourself and eat the cake, but adding on extra kilos isn’t fun. It can lead to stress and depression when we realize that we have to lose that extra weight. Being overweight can lead to high blood pressure, pre diabetes, and high cholesterol. So if you think you will indulge, plan a day and the next day, go straight back to your normal routine.

5. Share a coffee with a friend. This is a big one.. if you are feeling overwhelmed chances are, you aren’t the only one. The shopping can wait for a day.

6. Make gifts.. either bake GF cookies for that friend who can’t eat Gluten, make a decoration with the children or make bliss balls for your co workers .. they will appreciate the effort you have gone to making something personal for them.

Last but not least as there are so many more .. TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF.

Book yourself a massage, a sauna, read a book, go to the beach or plan a few days away .. reset your mind so you are ready to tackle the day .. without tackling that annoying family member .. 🙈

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