Just Start …

So, Summer is on its way. ☀️ Days are getting warmer and longer .. Yay !! You now feel ready to start your exercise program but don’t know where to start ? If you aren’t a regular exerciser or just beginning, the most important thing to do first is visit your Dr to check your health.

Next step is to start slowly. Going for a daily walk for around 20 – 30 minutes will set you up in the right direction. Add in a little faster pace here and there or jog for 30 secs and walk for 1 minute.. Your body will thank you for the extra movement you are giving it each day.

Your next move will most likely be to a gym where you can start joining in fitness group classes or starting a weights program from a qualified Personal Trainer ..

So don’t feel like you can’t .. just start .. and you can..

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