Christmas Gifts

What do you give friends and family who don’t want a thing ..?? Give them something you made with 💕..

Christmas time can be quite hard to find little stocking fillers that they will love and don’t cost a lot .. These little goodies are all handmade, easy and aren’t expensive ..

First on the list is the Single Serve Date Balls. This recipe can be found on this blog.. This recipe makes 2.. perfect for Santa..

Next on my gift giving list is the Coconut and Coffee Shower Scrubs ..

These can’t be any more simpler to make.. they are ground coffee beans (hint ➰ see if your local cafe can give you a small jar full) and coconut oil.. mix them in a bowl and put into patty papers, pop in fridge so coconut oil becomes solid and that’s it ! Use in the shower as the hot water melts the oil.. exfoliation plus moisturizer in one! ( can make floor a tad slippery so wash down straight after)

3rd and final is Magnesium spray.. I love this ! Works a treat when I have any aches ..

For this spray I use 1/4 cup magnesium flakes and 1/4 cup boiling water. Put flakes in a glass bowl or glass measuring jug, pour boiling water over flakes and stir until it dissolves. Let it cool completely then pour into a spray bottle. I spray if I have any aches and it does make my skin tingle but this is normal. Extra water can be added if it is a bother..

So this is my little gift list.. I will share other ideas soon.. let me know what you are making in the comments below ..

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