Yoghurt Cherry Bliss 

As you have probably guessed, I am the KIS Queen.. (keep it simple).  I have never wanted to spend hours on one recipe or searching the stores for that allusive ingredient…  I have shown you a few of my days on a plate and as you can see, they are mostly shredded veg and baked sweet potato and pumpkin.  I love to eat good food and nutrition always plays a big part in what I eat and cook.  

You can make healthy food delicious and it can be made so fast.  This Recipe is no exception to the rules.. 

1 carton of coconut or vanilla yoghurt (look for brands with the lowest sugar. There are some great ones around) 

6 Fresh cherries 

A Bliss ball (refer to my single serve recipe)


Put yoghurt and 4 cherries in blender and blend.

Chop up the 2 cherries and Bliss ball and place in bottom of glass. 

Scoop yoghurt and cherry mix over top. You can garnish with shredded coconut on top and an extra cherry..  Simplicity at its finest.. Enjoy x 

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