Caramelised Date and Almond Dough Nicecream

Whoever thought of blending frozen bananas and making a soft serve delight should be crowned ..  To think something so easy to make, could be taking the world by storm astounds me.  It is so quick, easy and yes, healthy .. How could we not love it..  The flavors that you can make are endless and entirely up to your imagination…  Look out for more nicecream inspo soon but here is the ingredients for this treasure. 


1 Frozen banana 

1 1/2 tablespoons Almond or coconut milk 

1 medjool date presoftened in water (discard water) 

1 Bliss ball (remember the single serve recipe)  
Put frozen banana and milk in blender and blend till it looks creamy.. add date and half of the Bliss ball and pulse blender to chop up date and Bliss ball.. ( just chopped in not blended) 

Fill a glass and top with rest of Bliss Ball.. 

enjoy xx 

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