Everyday Essentials 

I am a closet OCD…. hmmmm.. Come to think of it, I think the world knows now .. I am all about consistency in my daily routines .. I guess you could call it slight OCD but for my sake, we shall call it dedication .. yes.. that certainly sounds more PC.. (politically Correct) 

I will take you through some of my must dos and haves through out my Blogs so you may be able to take some on board too. 

A big number 1 in my life is Exercise or daily movement.. (remember the PC) .. I call it movement because we all have to move.. simple.. if I said “EXERCISE” there is that instant negative thought.. no one likes being told to exercise .. Simple as that..  So, daily movement is essential to keep joints mobile and blood flowing .. 

If you are just starting out on a Fitness journey, start slowly.. Walk as much as you can .. Park your car further away from shops and take the stairs over the escalators.. each step you take goes towards your 10 000 steps a day .. it is only an hour and a half to get to your 10 000 steps daily goal.. split it up over the day and before you know it, you are there ..  

So next time you hear EXERCISE, think movement .. it works every time .. trust me.. 😉

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