Cold Press Coffee


Who doesn’t Love Coffee???  

Well, Funny story,,, I didn’t.. In fact I only liked the smell of it.  I was more the tea drinker but now I would give my first born to have that coffee,,, (you think I’m kidding don’t you.. )  There has been countless articles and research on the Pros and Cons of this amazing yet humble drink… I for one am not passing judgement on anyone who can’t get by without one cup or the person who drinks four cups before 8am..  I think it has to be on oneself to be responsible and when to think.. yeah, my eyes are spinning,,, that’s enough…  Anyway, this is a cold brew coffee recipe that is pretty good and yep, easy as… You can use any ground coffee or grind your own beans.. Enjoy..!

Cold Pressed Coffee


¾ cup of ground coffee

1 ½ cups cold water


Put ground coffee into a coffee press.   Add the water.  Put in fridge overnight.  Push the top of the press lightly as if you push too fast it creates a slight vacuum and it makes a slight mess (trust me).  Pour a small amount into a glass or jar, add ice, sweetener and your choice of milk.  I use Almond Milk with the vanilla flavour.  You can also use the cold brew in your overnight oats or as a milk shake.


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