Berry Nice Surprise

Berry Nice Surprise

I Love sharing the recipes that I make.  I have always had a weakness for desserts and wanting to stay fit and healthy always wins over the calorie laden desserts… This is one I came up with using a Tasti Bliss Ball or you can make your own Bliss Balls and pop those in too.  I have so many recipes in my head that I am looking forward to sharing with you.  My recipes are easy to follow and I only use ingredients that I know will help me not hinder me.   Let me know in the comments if you make this using any other ingredients.


½ banana

½ cup Berries

¼ cup almond milk


Yoghurt Layer

Use any flavour or brand you would like to use.  (you could probably try coconut yoghurt and put shredded coconut through it.)

Make the banana and berry nice cream by adding the berries, banana and milk to blender.  Blend until it looks crumbly.  Keep blending as it will slowly turn into a soft serve.  Spoon into molds. Put half of the nice cream into the molds and one of the Tasti balls, then cover with the yoghurt.  Pop in freezer till it is set.  Push them out of the mold and then chop in half.  Leave them out before serving so they go a little soft as the ball can be a little hard, or eat them like an ice cream.

There are all different combinations you can use… try mango, strawberry, raspberries.  You can also change the flavour of the yoghurt plus put nuts through it… any way you like…

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